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    From the list below please identify all skills, qualifications and experience that you have obtained during your work history. Where you indicate you hold a licence, industrial ticket or qualification, a copy will need to be provided prior to commencement of employment.

    Licences, Tickets and Certificates State Number Expiry Date
    Basic workplace 1st Aid
    Senior 1st Aid
    1st Aid
    Four wheel Drive tkt

    Inductions Number Date
    Induction – BHP
    Induction – BHP
    Induction – BHP Rail (lev 2)
    Induction – BHP Rail (lev 4)
    Induction – Dampier Salt
    Induction – Port Authority
    Induction – Team 45
    Mine Health Worker

    Application for Employment
    Application for Employment
    Do any of the following apply to you? No Yes If Yes, please provide details:
    Physical disability that impacts on your ability to perform the work you are looking for No Yes
    Loss of hearing or hearing aids No Yes
    Loss of long or short vision, or corrective lenses No Yes
    Allergies that result in physical symptoms No Yes
    Problem working at heights No Yes
    Requirement to take prescribed medication No Yes


    Do any of the following apply to you? No Yes If Yes, please provide details:
    Occasional or on going back or neck pain No Yes
    Bone fractures or dislocations No Yes
    Occasional or ongoing knee or ankle pain No Yes
    Occasional or ongoing shoulder, elbow or wrist pain No Yes
    Arthritis or rheumatism No Yes
    Severe injuries or operations No Yes
    Angina or heart problems No Yes
    High blood pressure No Yes
    Asthma, tuberculosis or pleurisy No Yes
    Asthma, tuberculosis or pleurisy No Yes
    Hernia No Yes
    Kidney or bladder problems No Yes
    Cancer or tumour, including skin cancer No Yes
    Depression or anxiety No Yes
    Epilepsy, fainting or fitting No Yes
    Persistent headaches No Yes
    Medical examination in the last 12 months No Yes If yes can you provide a copy?
    Workers compensation claim No Yes
    c) Are you suffering from any other injury, physical or mental condition that has not been stated above that may impact on your ability to perform the duties you are looking for? No Yes
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